The Orgasm Bar 36 – Featured Movie

The Orgasm Bar 36 has almost everything a bondage sex fan could want. Whether you like the dominance role play that puts a woman in a highly submissive role, a string of sweaty orgasms fired off one right after another, or just plain old fashioned strap downs that keep a submissive in place, this movie has it all. It is a collection of 4 scenes of tight bondage and intense orgasms that will keep you mesmerized.

Also, it’s worthy of note that the women in this movie are stunningly attractive. From luscious curves to beautiful breasts, these women offer up a visual display worthy of watching in its own right.

You can find The Orgasm Bar 36 on Here’s the writeup on the movie:

TBC – The Orgasm Bar has brought to you countless females who thought they were up to the challenge of boundless orgasms. Orgasms that rack their body and paralyze their nerves with the over-sensation of pleasure! Two more have stepped up to the challenge; Cheeky Little Toy, and Ashley Graham.

1. The older a woman gets, the more in tune she is sexually. Watch this toned redhead 40 something milf work the bar like the slut that she is. Total non stop orgasms in this first part with plenty more to ‘cum’.

2. The straps are tightened, the wand turned on high. This 40 something redhead is taken past her orgasm limits.

3. 21 year old redhead bondage star slowly works the bar knowing she can’t last long. She squirts twice in this segment.

4. I’ve never seen someone fight many of the straps off like Ashley does after she squirts the last time. One of the best on tip toe dances I have seen on the predicament.

As you can see, this movie is definitely worth a look. You can find it here and enjoy every drip of the action.

A Beautiful BBW And Her Threshold


I began shooting bondage videos for some of the main bondage video companies close to 20 years ago.  For the longest time, the gm’s at these companies simply didn’t understand the allure of the BBW.  I would suggest a chubby model and they’d freak.

They wanted every slave I shot to look like a Barbie Doll.  But my goal was to make real B&D movies.  I wanted tops and bottoms who were genuinely into bdsm.  Did I ever use porn stars in my bondage flicks?  Sure.  But I leaned toward models like Porche Lynn, Bunny Bleu or others who could take the viewer on a real S&M journey.

For the most part, I drew from New York City doms and slaves who lived bdsm as a lifestyle.  Sure, looks mattered, and over the years I’ve shot many stunningly beautiful slaves.

It took a good ten years, but finally, when they saw sales of BBW porn skyrocketing, the owners ok’d BBWs in my bondage videos.  One of my favorite “chubby girls” was a very pretty 19-year-old aspiring actress named Brittany.

She told me that she’d explored a little B&D with her boyfriend and really liked it.  And that it really excited her when someone spanked her or pinched her boobs.  As she had never appeared in any kind of video before, Brittany and I decided that we would make her bondage video with me, as an audition.

We would explore her newfound love of B&D and seek out her pain threshold.  She wanted to find out just how far she could go.  I gave my sexy BBW a safe word so that at any time, she could halt the action.  As it turned out, not once did Brittany use her safe word.

The breast play, breast bondage, spanking, paddling, pussy play was intense.  Several times, we seemed to approach her threshold.  Her eyes watering, I would ask her if she wanted to continue and each time, she’d utter the words “Yes Master.”

I wondered, “Pure love of pain, love of submission or was she simply willing to do anything to please her master.”

Whatever the reason, the result was an intense bondage video titled, “Rick Savage BBW Bondage & Submission 2” which you can see right here on the studio on


Extreme Breast Bondage Fans: More Naughty Nikki!

Naughty Nikki

In my post of April 9 (A True Big-Tit Masochist) I talked about one of my top breast bondage models, the inimitable Naughty Nikki and shared some images from one of the titles, Rick Savage Tit Play, that can be found here on my studio on

Since then I’ve gotten several responses from fans of the amazing Nikki, she of the big-natural-made-for-bondage breasts.  Boobs, tits, hooters, fun bags, sweater puppies, sweater stuffers, chest balloons, chesticles, Golden Winnebagoes as I once heard Steve Martin refer to them… no matter what ya call ’em, Nikki’s got a big, soft, pliable set of them that were simply put on this earth to be tied up.

Couple that with her truly submissive nature and the fact that she’s a dedicated, devoted pain slut, and you come up with one of the best breast bondage models in the history of bondage videos.  Because of these qualities and attributes, Nikki has developed a following of seriously dedicated, devoted fans.

One might even call them… obsessed.  To satisfy the hunger and demands of Nikki’s legions of fans, today I’m sharing some images from another of her boob bondage epics, Rick Savage Tit Play 5, which can also be found on my studio.

As you can see, we REALLY gave Nikki’s tits an excruciating workout this time around.  Large zippers on each boob, my homemade heavy duty breast press, VERY strict rope bondage, compression bondage, barehanded tit torture AND some creative tit play with several sturdy rubber bands created a kind of “deformed boob art.”

And in the end, as always, Nikki was one happy lady.  The last thing out of her mouth is usually something like, “Do we have to stop now?”

Got a question for Rick?  Just send it to


Never Bet Your Ass With The Mrs.

It seemed like a fun idea to do one more week of the Femdom type action before getting into some serious female orgasms next week. And what better way to finish off a theme than with a great fantasy from a guy who wants some sphincter stretching? This story will have anal bottoms drooling with anticipation.

From the Story “I Like The Odds” on

“I had lost a crazy bet. All because I was too stubborn to admit that I was wrong. And on top of that I had made a wager that I might soon live to regret. I had agreed to be my wife’s sex slave for the next 24 hours. The only rule is that all will be private; no public exhibitionism is allowed.

I arrived home from work on Friday evening ahead of her. I was very nervous and had no idea what to expect, since we had never done anything like this before. I had a feeling that I was soon to find out Suzie’s deepest fantasies. I decided to try and get on her good side by doing some housework while I waited, and started cleaning the kitchen.

Image from the movie NATALIE BLACK THE JOURNEY TO HELL click image to go to the movie page and get 10 free minutes to view on

As I was washing the dishes the phone rang. It was Suzie. She had obviously been planning this for some time. I was to take a shower, and shave my cock and balls smooth. Then I was to put on a pair of panties that she had left for me, and fill my ass with a bowl of fruit that she had also left. Once this was done, I was told to relax and wait.

I quickly finished the dishes and headed for the shower. I wanted to follow her instructions to a tee so that she would have no reason for punishments. Once out of the shower, I shaved my cock and balls carefully. It was a very exciting sensation to have them completely bald. Then I went to the fruit bowl which had a variety of cherries, grapes and small kiwi fruit in it and one-by-one forced them into my ass as she had instructed. I started with the small fruit, greasing up my ass hole after every five or six pieces. I could feel my ass fill up as I inserted more and more of the fruit. I wondered if I could take it all, but knew that Suzie would be very disappointed if I didn’t.”

Read the whole story on

See women anally dominate and fuck men on!

Bondage Pegging – Showing The Guys Some Love

Why bondage pegging? For the month of May, is celebrating an awesome DomConLA in 2012 by running a theme of female dominance. It’s a fun break from the usual, and a chance for guys to take in a little fantasy about how “the other half lives.” Or, it’s a little glimpse into the lives of guys who enjoy being tied up and taking it up the ass – bottoms in technical parlance.

Among the best ways to peek into this type of fun is to give readers a look at three different movies that can be found on, and, of course, to show off a few pictures that best demonstrate it! Guys who have fantasized about this kind of role reversal for a long time, but guys these days have a full slate of bondage pegging movies at their disposal with a few clicks on the internet.

So it’s time to get nasty!

Virgin Ass is a great look into the back door of women pegging men. It is also a chance to see what happens in two different scenarios. In the first, a guy is submissive and allows a women to bust him a new asshole. Check out this picture from the movie:

Submissive pegging in the movie Virgin Ass

Notice that the male here has chosen to bend over and take it. That’s a fun fantasy, especially for size queens. Notice that Mistress Jennifer has chosen a huge black cock. While that is a fun fantasy, notice how much sexier it gets for two ladies when they strap this pig down and fuck the hell out of him while giving him a mouth full of ass:

Tied down and fucked with a face full of ass

Anyone can see that the bondage aspect of the scene makes the pegging that much more intense. Which brings us to another great example in the movie Domination Day. In this movie, Mistress Kiss and Mistress Kendra tag team a tight ass and give it a good busting. Notice also that that these Bitches don’t play around, bringing in the heavy equipment to bust this pig’s sphincter:

Watch out for the drill

Now that’s a serious use for a drill, and it adds new meaning to the phrase “getting drilled.” They really give this pig a good working over. What makes it nearly priceless is when they are doubling up by ramming the drill dildo deep into his ass while making him lick an asshole:

Once your ass is getting pounded like this you better do as you are told

That’s good old fashioned filth with wicked intentions! But what happens when a submissive runs into a hard core Mistress who has the toys to tear him a new asshole? In Sissy Rubber Sex Doll, Mistress Lexi shows a sub just how wide an asshole can get. It all starts with a split crotch rubber suit:

Lube please

Then she breaks out the hard toys and gives him a stretching that gaper sporting porn stars would envy! Is that a shop vac hose?

Getting hosed for real

The point in all of this? These guys love getting the business end of a Dominatrix, no matter how big or hard it is! If you love bondage pegging, you can find a ready supply of it to enjoy on in the XXX Pegging Movies Category.

An Interview With Julie Simone

We here at are big fans of Julie Simone and her work.  She is a dominatrix, model, performer, photographer, film maker, and award winning rigger (to name but a few).  Whether she is being dominant or submissive, she makes magic happen and takes us on a ride through our kinkiest fantasies.  As smart and talented as she is beautiful and sexy, we were lucky enough to get an interview with her.  Check out Julie’s site and her interview on HotMoviesForHer for more insight into her world.

Julie Simone by Peter Czernic

1. You “became familiar with the BDSM lifestyle through an accidental turn in the glamour modeling arena”.  Can you tell us a little more about what that accidental turn was?

I was doing fashion, fine art and glamour modeling at the time.  A photographer asked if we could do some bondage.  I didn’t know what it was so I said “sure!”.  He put some leather cuffs and handcuffs on me and I thought it was pretty easy, so I got online and booked a bunch of bondage work.  I quickly discovered it was way more involving than I thought it was, but I liked it.  I liked pushing myself physically, taking myself to the edge and sometimes past it.

2.  “Aside from wanting to make a living, it’s really important to me to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for women in the business. Being a performer myself I know how hard it can be.” What steps do you take to create that atmosphere for women?

I’ve had good and bad experiences as a performer.  I tried to ensure that my bad experiences especially regarding safety and respect were never encountered on my sets. I wanted to show women that BDSM can be fun!  You can look glamorous; you don’tJulie Simone Courtesty of RubberNecro have to worry about being taken advantage of once you’re in a compromising position.  When I was booking paid shoots with models, I always paid industry standard rates or higher.  I am happy to say no one has ever gotten hurt on one of my sets. Most of the models I’ve shot have worked with me several times and are proud of the work we’ve done together. Mutual respect is what it boils down to, really.   Working with the performers to create scenes they’re genuinely into and helping them fulfill their fantasies is really rewarding and makes for better films.

3.  Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind the camera?  Why?

I like both. They’re both totally different experiences though equally intense.  Sometimes when I’m behind the camera, I’m jealous that I’m not the one getting to do whatever kinky scenario I’ve cooked up.  Sometimes when I’m performing, it’s hard to let go and not worry about the technical stuff.  The most frustrating part about being in front of the camera is when you do a great scene and it’s not captured well or correctly. It’s hard to find a cameraperson who can get inside your head.

4.  You mention latex as being one of the things you enjoy.  We know why we enjoy it; what is it about latex that you love?

I like the feeling on it, they way it can alter my mood when I put it on.  Some pieces, like a catsuit, make me feel more dominant and powerful, while other pieces like a hood, can make me feel more docile and submissive.  I also like feeling anonymous when I wear a hood, there’s something freeing about that.

5.  We have seen you as both a top and a bottom.  Do you prefer one over the other?  

I don’t.  It is harder for me to sub these days, because I now know when a top is fucking up, where before I didn’t know better. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. In general, I’m drawn to intense experiences. It doesn’t really matter to me how I get there or which role I play.

6. We love your smoking fetish work.  What is the difference between a regular old smoker and someone with a fetish?  

Someone with a fetish will savor what other people take for granted.  It’s the same as being someone who eats, vs. being a foodie.  I notice so many elements of smoking most people don’t notice, from the way the person holds their cigarette, their hands, fingers and nails, the way they suck down the smoke, and how they expel it.

7. Do you watch porn when you’re not working?  Are there any particular genres you enjoy outside of the BDSM and Fetish realms?

Julie Simone Courtest of JulieSimone.comI don’t really watch porn. On the rare occasion that I do, I like gay male porn and straight porn with girls with giant boobs and big asses. I like watching women who look like women, not little boys.

8.  Who are some of your favorite performers?

Krissy Kage, I loved working with Gia Paloma when she was in the biz, Eden Alexander is a newish performer who has caught my eye, Sinnamon Love is always great, and Bella Vendetta is incredibly sexy when she’s tied up and being manipulated, I love the sounds she makes.

9. What is your top tip for those interested in getting into the lifestyle, but haven’t ventured down that path yet?

I got into it through shoots. For some reason, I always felt like I was in control and it was a safe environment in which to explore, but I don’t know that I’d recommend that others follow that route. Fetlife is a great place to learn more and make friends in the lifestyle. Going to classes and munches is a great introduction.

10.   Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?  

I just signed a new distribution deal with Pure Play Media, which is really exciting. I’m releasing 2 titles a month and am shooting all the time now. Upcoming events include me performing a new show, “Equestrian Sex” at Smack! NYC June 2nd and my short film “Skin’s 1st Suspension” which can be seen on the “Babes in Bondage 4″ DVD will be playing at the Pop porn festival in Brazil June 1-3, I’m showing photography at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival June 23-24, and will be doing a solo show of my abstract paintings hosted by Darklady in Portland at the end of June.

Julie Simone by Jon White

Visit the Julie Simone Video On Demand page as well as the Julie Simone Productions page to see her work in front of and behind the camera on


Mistress Alexandra in Domination – Volume 3 has a great feature up about Mistress Alexandra, and her film session with slave Lucky. And it’s a lucky thing that our attention is drawn to this movie. It has everything you could ask for in a bondage sex movie, and a mistress who is calculatingly cruel to add flavor to a hard scene.

Here’s a sampling:

Mistress Alexandra demonstrates that precision, in words and action, are powerfully erotic in a dominant and submissive relationship. A Mistress who can clearly speak commands and act in a methodical way can create an environment where submission is natural. Watching Mistress Alexandra, one gets the sense that she is highly skilled in the psychological art of domination.

Domination – Volume 3 shows off her skills as she walks slave Lucky through four scenes of dominant control. One of the most intriguing aspects of this movie is her approach to her slave. In fact, she doesn’t even raise her voice as she demands specific behavior and responses from her slave.

Now, to be fair, it would be easy to chalk up that kind of scene to the fact that cameras were rolling and everything is scripted. Let’s concede that to an extent this is true. Even so, if you watch the movie carefully, you’ll notice that the natural flow of call and response can’t simply be an effect of scripting.

For one thing, slave Lucky is not at all comfortable with what is happening. Between the cock and ball binding, humiliation, anal penetration with a dildo and spanking, he appears to be squirming inside his spandex sleep sack. On the other hand, his voice is clear in affirmative responses, and he does not challenge the Mistress at all in his actions.”

Check out the whole post here, and make sure to check out the movie on

DomConLA is coming soon

Pack up your ropes and gear and get ready to head to the City of the Angels for a devlish five days of dominance and submission at DomConLA, brought to you by You’ll find something to tickle your fetish fancy, no matter what that fancy may be. With a full schedule of events, you’ll also find plenty to keep you busy among your fellow fetish lovers.

What is DomConLA?

DomConLA is a convergence of fetish practitioners from around the world. It was a People’s Choice Event of the year for 2011. In 2012, it looks to repeat last year’s success, bringing in some of the biggest names in the Fetish World.

Where and when is this happening?

The event is in Los Angeles, California. It’s specific location is at the the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel LAX, Los Angeles Airport, 5711 West Century  Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045. The dates are May 16-20 2012.

Are there any special events someone should see?

The events are so cool and so numerous that we can’t cover them all here. If you want a complete lineup, we suggest you check out the DomConLA website for more details. Here’s a short sample of what you can enjoy there:

Irene Boss

Classes and Workshops are located in The Plaza Ballrom Classrooms and are accesable from inside The DomCon Exhibitor Hall. Classes and Workshops are open to all Attendees throughout the day. Informal demos will also be occurring all day in many of the booths on the Convention Floor. The DomCon Play Party. Held at one of L.A.’s most prestigious Dungeons, the 7000 square foot Sanctuary Studios just minutes from DomCon at The Los Angeles Hilton LAX. The DomCon Fetish Ball – A Night of Decadent Delight, Fetish Fantasy & Play Party.

Who will be there?

The convention will feature many luminaries in the fetish world, including Mistresses from around the United States and many other parts of the world. The event is hosted by the renowned Mistress Cyan, and features a guest appearance by the also famous Irene Boss. DomConLA is a practical “Who’s Who” of the fetish world.

Tickets are still available and you’ll want to make sure to check out the DomConLA website for ticketing details. And if you get the chance to go, we’d love to hear from you about your experience.