An Interview With Julie Simone

We here at are big fans of Julie Simone and her work.  She is a dominatrix, model, performer, photographer, film maker, and award winning rigger (to name but a few).  Whether she is being dominant or submissive, she makes magic happen and takes us on a ride through our kinkiest fantasies.  As smart and talented as she is beautiful and sexy, we were lucky enough to get an interview with her.  Check out Julie’s site and her interview on HotMoviesForHer for more insight into her world.

Julie Simone by Peter Czernic

1. You “became familiar with the BDSM lifestyle through an accidental turn in the glamour modeling arena”.  Can you tell us a little more about what that accidental turn was?

I was doing fashion, fine art and glamour modeling at the time.  A photographer asked if we could do some bondage.  I didn’t know what it was so I said “sure!”.  He put some leather cuffs and handcuffs on me and I thought it was pretty easy, so I got online and booked a bunch of bondage work.  I quickly discovered it was way more involving than I thought it was, but I liked it.  I liked pushing myself physically, taking myself to the edge and sometimes past it.

2.  “Aside from wanting to make a living, it’s really important to me to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for women in the business. Being a performer myself I know how hard it can be.” What steps do you take to create that atmosphere for women?

I’ve had good and bad experiences as a performer.  I tried to ensure that my bad experiences especially regarding safety and respect were never encountered on my sets. I wanted to show women that BDSM can be fun!  You can look glamorous; you don’tJulie Simone Courtesty of RubberNecro have to worry about being taken advantage of once you’re in a compromising position.  When I was booking paid shoots with models, I always paid industry standard rates or higher.  I am happy to say no one has ever gotten hurt on one of my sets. Most of the models I’ve shot have worked with me several times and are proud of the work we’ve done together. Mutual respect is what it boils down to, really.   Working with the performers to create scenes they’re genuinely into and helping them fulfill their fantasies is really rewarding and makes for better films.

3.  Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind the camera?  Why?

I like both. They’re both totally different experiences though equally intense.  Sometimes when I’m behind the camera, I’m jealous that I’m not the one getting to do whatever kinky scenario I’ve cooked up.  Sometimes when I’m performing, it’s hard to let go and not worry about the technical stuff.  The most frustrating part about being in front of the camera is when you do a great scene and it’s not captured well or correctly. It’s hard to find a cameraperson who can get inside your head.

4.  You mention latex as being one of the things you enjoy.  We know why we enjoy it; what is it about latex that you love?

I like the feeling on it, they way it can alter my mood when I put it on.  Some pieces, like a catsuit, make me feel more dominant and powerful, while other pieces like a hood, can make me feel more docile and submissive.  I also like feeling anonymous when I wear a hood, there’s something freeing about that.

5.  We have seen you as both a top and a bottom.  Do you prefer one over the other?  

I don’t.  It is harder for me to sub these days, because I now know when a top is fucking up, where before I didn’t know better. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. In general, I’m drawn to intense experiences. It doesn’t really matter to me how I get there or which role I play.

6. We love your smoking fetish work.  What is the difference between a regular old smoker and someone with a fetish?  

Someone with a fetish will savor what other people take for granted.  It’s the same as being someone who eats, vs. being a foodie.  I notice so many elements of smoking most people don’t notice, from the way the person holds their cigarette, their hands, fingers and nails, the way they suck down the smoke, and how they expel it.

7. Do you watch porn when you’re not working?  Are there any particular genres you enjoy outside of the BDSM and Fetish realms?

Julie Simone Courtest of JulieSimone.comI don’t really watch porn. On the rare occasion that I do, I like gay male porn and straight porn with girls with giant boobs and big asses. I like watching women who look like women, not little boys.

8.  Who are some of your favorite performers?

Krissy Kage, I loved working with Gia Paloma when she was in the biz, Eden Alexander is a newish performer who has caught my eye, Sinnamon Love is always great, and Bella Vendetta is incredibly sexy when she’s tied up and being manipulated, I love the sounds she makes.

9. What is your top tip for those interested in getting into the lifestyle, but haven’t ventured down that path yet?

I got into it through shoots. For some reason, I always felt like I was in control and it was a safe environment in which to explore, but I don’t know that I’d recommend that others follow that route. Fetlife is a great place to learn more and make friends in the lifestyle. Going to classes and munches is a great introduction.

10.   Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?  

I just signed a new distribution deal with Pure Play Media, which is really exciting. I’m releasing 2 titles a month and am shooting all the time now. Upcoming events include me performing a new show, “Equestrian Sex” at Smack! NYC June 2nd and my short film “Skin’s 1st Suspension” which can be seen on the “Babes in Bondage 4″ DVD will be playing at the Pop porn festival in Brazil June 1-3, I’m showing photography at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival June 23-24, and will be doing a solo show of my abstract paintings hosted by Darklady in Portland at the end of June.

Julie Simone by Jon White

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