Bound To Cum 7

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Bound to Cum 7
is an awesome forced orgasm video because Jade Indica is in it. Jade is just fucking gorgeous. She’s got a dancer’s body, so tight, slender, long, very sexy.

And then there’s Maxine X, with her sexy face, and her big, beautiful boobs.

So far so good.

Jade is bound, her legs a part, her cute little nipples are clamped, her mouth is gagged. Maxine has full reign over Jade’s puss. And she completely owns it.

Jade’s sweet pussy is finger-fucked, licked, swatted with a crop, buzzed with a vibrator, and blasted with a powerful fucking machine.

It gives me butterflies just thinking about all the forced orgasms that Maxine gives Jade. Jade nearly collapses from all her orgasms. She slumps back in the chair, her thighs slick and glistening, her breathing deep, her flesh trembling.

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Male Torture Nurses

Site: The Training of O

The people over there at Kink have bondage sex down. I typically was visiting their hogtied for all my fucked and bound pleasures, but I recently discovered – which I find to be a little more sophisticated than

TOT also seams to feature more attractive girls than

Anyway, I stumpled upon this nice shoot. It caught my eye because I haven’t seen a group slave training in a bit, and I found the girls to be pretty cute. I also like that there was a lot of pussy eating. I find to girls on their knees, eating once another from behind to be a hell of a sight.

Anyway, there’s a lot of forced orgasm stuff in this one, some nice titty torture, and a little bit of pussy torture.

Beyond the physical domination, there’s a bit of behavioral training too. As these girls are being prepped to become actual slave girls – perhaps being groomed to be servants on the Upper Floor??

Anyway, I think I’ll be doing my next few posts based off of episodes from

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Fuck Machine Fantasy

fucking machine video
Title: FFuck Machine Fantasy

Watch the able-bodied, sex kitten January Seraph get relentless penetration from Mz. Berlin.

The fucking machines have been oiled, powered up, and are ready for January’s sweet, tight pussy.

The video features some nice latex outfits, some utilitarian bondage, but the real focus is put on lesbian forced orgasms. Mz. Berlin is a seeming master when it comes to pushing her slave to the limits of orgasm. She knows how to keep building the pressure until the orgasm seems unavoidable. I guess it doesn’t hurt that she’s armed with an aresnal of devices to bring January to her knees. Dildos, vibrators, fucking machines, anal hooks, it’s like an orgasm tool bench.

Yet, the thing I liked about this forced orgasm video is that it’s not just about forcing the slave to have ten million orgasms. It’s about applying pressure upon pressure. So when the orgasm does finally explode, there’s relief for the slave and the viewer.

Granted, there are multiple orgasms in this one, so don’t worry about getting short handed.

Overall the production quality was pretty good. Everything looked great, sounded good, and both woman just look so very fuckable.

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Hot Girls Forced To Cum


This is a ridiculously nice set. I’ve actually sort of gotten into a lot lately for my forced orgasm cravings because the scenes have really gotten a lot better lately.

I’ve seen a few forced orgasm videos this week that have left my mouth gaping. The girls get put through the fucking wringer. Real orgasm torture. I’m talking hooks in the asshole, vibrators on the clit, and a fucking machine in the puss – all at the same time. Meanwhile, the slave girls (all of whom look absolutely delicious) are suspended and completely helpless. All they can do is moan, and cum. And they do both with such fervor that you’re sure to nut.

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Slave Training Scarlette

domestic bondage
Title:Training Scarlette – Week 5
Category: Wife Training

It’s been five weeks of Scarlette’s domestic discipline training. And, I’d say, from the looks of it, she’s getting pushed pretty hard.

I enjoyed this video, actually, I enjoyed the series. It’s kind of a nice change of pace to watch real amateur content. There’s something really interesting about watching a couple practice their domestic discipline routine. There’s a little more content there than just watching perhaps a f/m or m/f session in some pro-dungeon somewhere.

Anyway, back to this vid. The action is pretty nice. A lot of this particular training session has Scarlette in stocks. She’s told over and over again what is expected of her, what the consequences will be if she fails to toe-the-line, and is given some physical pain to condition the message into her flesh.

There’s also some forced orgasm stuff, as Scarlette is fucked with fingers, dildos and vibrators.

I’d give it four stars.

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Damsel Bondage Forced Orgasm

damsel bondage forced orgasm
Category: Forced Orgasm Videos
Title: The Damsel Gift
She’s sweet, soft, lovely, and in chains. There’s no hopes that a hero will crash the gates and rescue her from her predicament.

There’s a creep on the prowl, and perverted genius with with a stocked dungeon. He’s got his eyes set on a young college girl. He holds out, waiting for her in the parking lot, and then jumps her. There’s no one around, he’s done his reconaissence.

Once she’s in his van it’s all over for her. He gets her wrists bound, her mouth gagged, and already starts to grope her.

But, the real action begins back in his dungeon…

I’ll say that I’m not one for the kidnapping fantasy, but the video was still palattable for me because there are just so many cute girls who get the forced orgasm treatment. Each girl, when stripped and oiled looks so fucking delicious, that it tempts me to consider changing my views on the kidnapping genre.

Each girl is ripe, with young, luscious bodies, and supurbly tight pussies. And each one is put through the wringer. Through various means, their orgasm torture is built up until there’s multiple explosive climaxes.
There’s vibrators, groping, fingering, electro, suspension and even water torture.

The other thing that makes the movie interesting is that it’s very plot-driven, and very psychological. The predicament theme is really touched on her, with the dungeon Master’s mind games that he plays with his captives.

You’ll want to check it out.

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Forced orgasms and bondage sex

Title: Erotic Sessions 11

I chose this forced orgasm bondage sex movie because Ariel X is so sexy. She’s a dark haired, long legged beauty with a high threshold for pain.

She’s put through the wringer in this one, subjected to clamped nipples, abused labia, groping, humiliation, spanking, and all sorts of devilish torture that pushes her to the limit.

My favorite scene is when she’s strapped into a Hoyer lift, and her beautiful, bare ass is pointed right at the camera. Shes suspended, helpless, and in a perfect position for her Master to completely own her pussy and her tight asshole.

And own it he does. He greases his fingers and works her ass while he holds a powerful vibrator to her clit. Ariel bucks, making the lift swing, but she can’t do anything to get away. She’s forced to cum repeatedly to the point that she just slumps in the lift, and gives up. She has two more orgasms this way. She’s pushed past the point of exhaustion. It’s beautiful.

bondage sex

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Lesbian Forced Orgasm


Nothing better than some lesbian forced orgasms. Especially when the very, very sexy Gianna Michaels is involved.

I’ll tell you what, for a vanilla pornstar, Gianna has successfully made the transition to cruel dominatrix.

She’s got the knack. She’s got Natalie in all sorts of wonderful poses that really make Natalie completely vulnerable to whatever pussy torture Gianna wants to serve up.

There’s some nice pussy stretching, electro stim, dildo action, pussy eating, dildo work, not to mention the ample assortment of bondage devices that Gianna uses.

So, there’s a lot of solid bdsm elements to this, and on top of that you’ve got two incredibly hot women, naked, and cumming all over the place.
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